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Picking through a saw mill scrap pile is a lot like hunting for treasure to me. When I spotted this piece of slab wood; that's a first cut, the outter log, smiled like I'd just caught my personal best brown trout. And coincedentally a brown trout is what ended up on it. The shape and character of this one is the perfect example of why I burn fish on unique pieces of wood instead of on flat slabs all the time. You will never see another like it. Period.


$350 + tax, shipping included inside the continental U.S.

Total- $380.62

Outside continental U.S. please email before purchase to calculate shipping.


About my art "convases":

I choose the wood for my art by it's character, not its species. You will find knots, cracks, natural deformities, uneven surfaces and textures, as well as the ocassional saw mark. These are all things that speak to me when selecting my next canvas. They are not finished, finely sanded and planed but instead what we find ourselves surrounded by in nature when we venture out into it to forget the rat race for a little while. They are truly a mixture of rustic and refined, covering and blending these things with my art. 

I would also like to make note of where they should be hung. If you have a deck outside, you know it needs to be sealed every couple years or the sun will bleach it. And that your fire wood pile or that drift wood found on the river bleaches in the sun. The same will happen to a woodburning, no matter what it is sealed with given enough time. It's my suggestion that my art only be displayed indoors, and not somewhere that it will recieve regular, direct sunlight. Just like that wood outside, the sun's UV shows no mercy.


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