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I never learned to play guitar, but I've always been facinated and entertained by them as long as I can remember. This PRS style body caught my eye and I immediately ordered one. Thoughts and ideas in my head caused a sleepless night or two untill it arrived, and then I stared at it for a couple days before starting on it. My original plan was a trout and a river bed full of stones, naturally. But once I had the trout burned in place, I held off on the river bottom for a couple days. Would it be too much? I added a fly and the subtle ripples it caused landing just ahead of the trout, and then held off on the stones for another day. In the end the conclusion I came to...The trout and fly was just enough for this one, nothing more needed to be done.


If you're a guitar builder, here's the starting point for your next project! Only burned, not sealed, I've provided the custom art work, it's ready for you to build and finish as you see fit!

Solid body; Mahogany back, Maple front. Neck cutout width is  2   3/16"


$326.25 tax and shipping included in the continental U.S.

Outside the continental U.S. please email first to calculate shipping.


Feel free to contact me about adding some art to your next guitar project! Lets do something COOL!

PRS Style Guitar Body

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