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I'd been burning fish on slab wood for a few years when one November I accidently discovered other canvases... Skateboard decks! I realized right away that I had stuff in my head that wouldn't look right on the slab wood, but would be right at home on skateboard decks, and so I ordered a bamboo deck as my first. This is my first pop culture fly fishing crossover. The Predator hollywood created lived for the hunt, the challenge of battle and the blood. But I put my own angle into the iconic alien.

Veterans have found through organizations such as Project Healing Waters that the horrors of war can be forgotten and nerves can be silenced for those moments casting a fly rod on a river. I took the Predator and opened him up to these facts, removed all his weapons and replaced them with a flyrod, fly patch, net, lanyard with floatant and tippet, and even replaced his shoulder cannon with a Go-Pro...because are you a real fisherman if you don't have a Go=Pro today?

This deck was done for myself, it is not for sale. Yes, it's probably true that everything has a price, but no one has offered me the right price yet, so it's not for sale. That being said, I'd do another, the same or similar themed, for you. There's plenty of fish and places to chase them I could see him traveling to. Where do you see him going next? Feel free to reach out to me about thoughts for your own custom deck for your cave or office!

Predator Skateboard

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